Willkommen im Hydra Cafe

Who is welcome in the Hydra Café?

Hydra Café is a place for all those with experience in working in the sex industry, no matter whether you are registered or unregistered under the new law (ProstSchG).

Experience in the industry includes those who work in bars, brothels, apartments, sex cinemas, the streets, massage studios, webcam shows, or as escorts, dancers or porn performers.

We encourage you to use HydraCafé whatever your needs may be.

Events will be offered in various languages. Please don’t hesitate to let us know which events are relevant to you and which are your preferred languages, so that we can arrange translation if necessary.

*Unfortunately, HydraCafé is not wheelchair accessible.

Who we are & what we do

Hydra has recently opened another location in Berlin, the HydraCafé. HydraCafé is a space for people working in the adult industry to meet in a relaxed atmosphere, drink tea, network and share openly with each other or with other sex workers. At HydraCafé you are welcome as you are, there are no hidden fees and everything is conducted anonymously.

During the opening hours, wednesdays and fridays from 14:00 to 19:00, there is also the possibility of a psychosocial or health counseling service (voluntary, free and anonymous).

This service is an addition to the preexisting counseling services of the Hydra counseling centre at Köpenicker Straße 187-188, 10997 Berlin.

In addition to self-care offers, professionalization, legal issues and exchange opportunities, various events and workshops will take place. Some of them, such as the project “We talk…!”, also take place outside opening hours. Here you can see our calendar. Most events are aimed at sex workers only.

What we stand for

Hydra is committed to the respect, safety and autonomy of all people working in the adult industry and seeks to reinforce the voices of those who are often not visible in public discourse.

In Berlin, the new ProstSchutzG legislation has forced many people to have to deal with the consequences of illegalization. The new law creates more precarious living and working conditions.

Sex Workers trade erotic services for money. But not only that- they also offer copious amounts of emotional labour which they are in most cases not paid for or acknowledged. Dealing with prejudice on a daily basis can be exhausting and is hard work! The majority of the workers in the sex industry don’t have spaces where they can be listened to and have to process the violence of judgmental society all on their own. Not being able to openly talk about work or being forced to keep it secret is a heavy duty that can be deeply harmful.

That’s why we think networking, exchange and the support of one another is important.