Willkommen im Hydra Cafe

We talk

People working in the adult industry come together to exchange ideas. Everyone is welcome to join and organize. No matter what language you speak and no matter how you work or have worked in the erotic field, whether you’re registered or not.

We try to create a space in which everyone feels comfortable telling their stories, asking their questions and networking with other colleagues. In our industry, we benefit so much from the support and experience of other colleagues!

Especially since the new Prostitute Protection Act came into force, there are many changes in the adult entertainment industry. Many of us have to (re)orient ourselves first. So why not talk about the changes with each other? What has changed for you since then? Where do you take energy from? Wich burdens do you have to handle? What do you need? What do you want?

But also general questions about working methods, health, stigmatization, safety, outing, work places, self-care and support possibilities etc. are very welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

The organization of exchange groups and the participation is paid! It is important to us to reward you for your expertise and your time. You can share important results and topics from your exchange with your group leaders at Hydra. Hydra e.V. may then try to tailor the offer of our café to your needs and will represent your concerns in the fight for the rights of people within the adult entertainment industry.